Music Lessons

Theater Steps provides tailored private instruction in voice, piano, and guitar to students of all ages and levels. Private lessons provide focused instruction guiding students to develop their skills and reach their individual goals.

Each student has a different artistic goal whether it be for personal or professional reasons. Theater Steps instructors are trained to work personally with each student to develop a customized plan to master the basic fundamental techniques and to achieve their performance goals.

TS prides itself on being a stress free learning studio where it’s never too late to start! The studio is equipped with a music library with a wide variety of music styles and genres.

Online sessions are now available for our music lesson offerings. All you need is a desktop pc, mobile tablet, or phone! We believe there is more to online lessons than simply connecting through the internet with an instructor. We will guide you with instructions on using our online tools to provide an optimal user experience during your session.

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Available Lessons

Vocal Lessons and Vocal Coaching

  • Discover your clear, flexible sound by connecting your chest and head registers
  • Learn to increase your vocal range, power and confidence through performances
  • Learn how to ensure your vocal health over time and build stamina
  • Learn audition techniques to help you book the job!
  • Learn how to develop stage presence in your vocal delivery and execution.
  • Learn how to channel your energies into different areas to overcome stage fright.
  • Develop your repertoire book with a variety of styles and genres.

Piano and Guitar Lessons

  • Widen your repertoire from pop to classical styles.
  • Learn how to practice productively in order to minimize frustration and improve focus.
  • Learn the foundation of music theory in an easy step-by-step approach.
  • Learn how to focus on the details of phrasing, fingering, pedaling, and dynamics.
  • Work on overcoming stage fright and self confidence.
  • Experience performing in our annual recitals and festival competitions.

Early Childhood Music Lessons

  • Bring out your child’s inner musicality through music and movement
  • Have your child develop a strong foundation for rhythm and pitch at an early age.
  • Your child will learn how to use their voice in a healthy manner and understand musical terms and concepts.
  • Your child can progress at their own individual pace in our stress free learning environment.

Register for your introductory trial now!
Note: No payment is required to register.

Tuition Rates and Scheduling

Each new registrant starts with an introductory trial lesson where artistic goals are discussed and to determine a beginning baseline for each student to grow from. The lesson provides an opportunity to experience one-on-one interaction with the new teacher and unique learning styles. An overview of TS participating events will also be discussed to provide a clear understanding of how the student can apply learnings to a public setting.

Introductory Trial

30 minute sessions = $38

Monthly Lesson Cycles

Note: The appropriate lesson length is determined by the age, experience, and physical ability of the student. Shorter intervals may be recommended by instructors for those who can not sustain the regular one hour sessions.

60 minute sessions = starting at $260
45 minute sessions = starting at $204
30 minute sessions = starting at $152

Payment Methods
Cash, check, and credit card.
* Students will be charged a $35 fee for any checks issued to TS with non-sufficient funds.

Register for your introductory trial now!
Note: No payment is required to register.

Lesson Policies

Absences and Make-up Lesson Policy

Unscheduled absences are non-refundable and are not eligible for a make-up lesson.

All scheduled absences must be given at least 24-48 hours notice during our business hours to be rescheduled within the week.

If a lesson is cancelled by a TS instructor, that lesson will be made up at the mutual convenience of the student and instructor.


Tuition must be paid in full before lessons are confirmed on the teacher's schedule. If the full payment is not received by the expected due date, then Theater Steps will not be able to guarantee the student’s time slots.

Emergency Cancellations

Theater Steps will notify each student via phone and email if a lesson is cancelled due to inclement weather or emergency. Any lessons cancelled due to weather or emergency will be credited to your account.


Theater Steps does not offer refunds for withdrawal during a cycle but recommends that each student finish the set cycle.