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Choosing a music teacher

Choosing the right music teacher is an investment in a student's future. A teacher will not only introduce the student to the world of music, but will also build self-confidence while ensuring that the long term learning experience will be fun, enjoyable, and upbeat. Keep the following tips in mind.

Make a connection

Set up a trial lesson to find out if the teacher's personality and style of teaching is a good fit. Establish a connection with the right teacher to ensure that your goals for learning will be met while doing so in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. An experienced teacher will be able to set the pace and degree of learning as needed based on the student's behavior. You will want to make sure there is a correct balance of challenge and achievement during each lesson.

Professional organizations and external events

Does the teacher organize activities/events aside from normal lessons to provide an outlet to perform and put your learnings to practice? At a minimum, teachers usually provide a yearly recital to showcase a student's progress and celebrate achievements. Check to see if the teacher is a member of any professional music education organizations. Teachers who are members should be able to enter you in competitions and festivals that are recognized regionally or nationally and adhere to current music standards. This will allow you to test your skills and verify that what you've learned is indeed correct.

Compare Rates

As with all things you purchase, you get what you pay for when it comes to music lessons. While cheap music teachers may seem desirable, they'll most likely be less experienced and not equipped with the necessary tools/environment appropriate for learning. At the same time, higher rates may not necessarily mean better teachers. Just because an individual is an excellent music "performer" does not qualify them to be an excellent music "educator". The following points can attribute to a teacher's lesson rates:

  • Degree and certifications in Music Education
  • Experience teaching a wide age range
  • Experience teaching individuals with learning disabilities
  • Investments in organizations for continuing education and learning
  • Costs for initiating student events
  • Costs for maintaining their music studio or traveling expenses